A Match Made In Heaven

Dave Schrader • Managing Director, Ohana Advisors

As a successful financial advisor, Dave Schrader knows a thing or two about smart investments. So when a client came to him, frustrated with the cost of sustaining a fractional investment that he wasn’t much using but didn’t want to sell, Dave turned to Shaircraft for advice. Thinking outside the box and utilizing our industry contacts, we identified another private flier who wanted the benefits of fractional, without the long term commitment, and so was well suited to sharing use of this fractional share. We brought the parties together and drafted and negotiated a time sharing agreement that met both their needs.

"Shaircraft developed a plan, agreement and process that made it financially practical for our client to retain his interest, share the costs and use the jet when needed; and at the same time cemented our client’s confidence that we can fully service his needs."