Snowbirds Taking Flight

Anonymous • Family, New to Private Aviation

A prominent Washington, D.C. attorney and his wife fly to Arizona in early December and return in May. Their beloved family dog makes the trip with them, adding a layer of complexity and stress to their annual trek. Intrigued by the ease of private air travel, the couple began considering their options.  They came to us with a jet card proposal from Sentient Jet and we worked through extended negotiations on that option.  Ultimately, it turned out that the light jet pricing that they liked would have meant two fuel stops, so they decided to charter this year and see how it goes.  We helped them vet charter options and secure a trip with a reliable, safe provider at a reasonable cost. This is great way for them to test out private air travel, without committing to a long-term contract or upfront costs.

"My wife and I had some very specific requirements for travel between D.C, and Arizona that could not be met commercially. James guided us through the maze of options (fractional ownership, jet card, charter, empty leg) and, in the process, provided an education on what to look for and how to find it. He provided practical advice and proved to be a good listener and counselor. As a result, we were able to find the optimal solution for our needs at a substantial saving and we had peace of mind knowing we were not making an expensive and stupid mistake. "