Fractional Share Valuations

Helping you get the best deal

A key factor in the overall cost of a fractional jet investment is the payback you get when you resell your share to the jet company. You may be shocked to find your jet company offering significantly less than you paid initially—sometimes as much as 70% less.

We’ve enjoyed great success challenging fractional jet companies’ low share repurchase offers and getting fractional owners like you more for their shares. Sometimes, significantly more. Indeed, in one case, as a result of our efforts, the fractional provider more than doubled its offer for our client’s share. In another matter, our appraisal of a mid-size jet came in $1.7 million higher than the jet company’s initial offer.

The fractional companies know that we have the expertise and the resources to make this process work for you, and they know that we’ll go to the mat to get you what you deserve. In the end, you’ll know that you’ve received a fair price for your share.