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The Wake of JetIt’s Demise

Private Jet Card Comparison Asks Top Private Aviation Attorney, James Butler, for Insight Into the Dilemma Facing JetIt Owners

2018 CEO BizAv Outlook

Forecasting Growth, Butler Stresses Due Diligence When Considering a Private Aviation Investment in 2018

Pitch Counts

James Butler Offers Guidance on Making Jet Investments in Current Market Conditions

Wings and Water

James Butler Brings Private Aviation and Legal Expertise to Robb Report’s 27th Annual “Best of the Best” Special Issue

Sky-High Luxury

James Butler on the Range of Private Air Travel Options and How Shaircraft Works to Find the One That’s Right for You

The Jet Set

James Butler Offers The Wall Street Journal His Take on the Viability of New Jet Business Models

Fairer Shares

James Butler Explains Why Shifts in the Fractional Industry Make a Well-Negotiated Contract Even More Critical

Fly Privately

James Butler Gives Owners Perspective Many Reasons to Consider Private Air Travel

The Jet Set

James Butler Gives Wells Fargo’s Elite Clientele Reasons to Consider Private Air Travel

Fly Me to the Moon

James Butler Tells Why Private Air Travel’s Popularity Continues to Soar

Evolution in Action

James Butler Interviewed by Aviation International News for a Special Feature on Fractional Ownership

Frax Market Blues

James Butler Sounds Off on the ‘Continuous Tug of War’ between Fractional Owners and Jet-Card Members over Aircraft Use

In the Know

James Butler Helps Professional Athletes Make Sense of Private Air Travel Options