Shaircraft CEO, James Butler, Brings Industry and Legal Expertise to Robb Report’s Private Aviation Board

For the third year running, James Butler, CEO of the Bethesda-based private air travel consulting firm, Shaircraft Solutions, has served as an expert advisor for the “Aviation” segment of Robb Report’s annual “Best of the Best” issue — a special feature focusing on top performers in private aviation.

This year, a formal advisory board was established, consisting of the foremost professionals in the private aviation industry. Butler was one of just six professionals asked to serve on this elite board, weighing in on the top performing fractional, jet-card and charter programs — judging them on service, value, reliability and safety.

“It’s an honor working with a first rate publication like Robb Report. As in all my writings, I do my best to help my readers understand their options, make the best private jet deals and avoid costly mistakes,” says Butler.

With the current economic climate in mind, Butler emphasized share repurchase value as a key consideration in evaluating fractional programs and, as always, reiterated the importance of thoroughly researching any potential investment.

To read Butler’s exclusive introduction to the “Fractionals” section of the issue, download the full text version below.

Robb Report: Fractional Programs

Download in PDF format (16kb)

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