The Jet Set

James Butler Gives Wells Fargo’s Elite Clientele Reasons to Consider Private Air Travel

In a feature article for Your Legacy — a periodical exclusively distributed to private banking clients of Wells Fargo Bank — Shaircraft CEO, James Butler, underscores the value of flying privately.

Citing long time client and pro-golfer, Scott Verplank, Butler offers classic examples of the time-saving benefits of private air travel including fewer security hassles, virtually no delays and access to thousands more airports than commercial airlines. “When the hassle and inconvenience of traveling is eliminated, an athlete or business traveler is more relaxed and better able to perform,” he says. “By investing in himself, Scott Verplank gives himself the best chance to succeed.”

In finding the best private aviation solution, Butler recommends that you start by answering the following questions as part of a thorough needs analysis:

  • How often do you fly?
  • What is your home base?
  • Where do you fly?
  • How many people fly with you?
  • What’s your budget?
  • How far in advance do you schedule your trips?
  • Do you have any special needs?

Answers to these questions will help you identify the private air travel program that best suits your needs.

Your Legacy: “The Jet Set”

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