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Forecasting Growth, Butler Stresses Due Diligence When Considering a Private Aviation Investment in 2018

In a special feature for Forbes magazine, Shaircraft CEO, James Butler, caveats his optimism for 2018 with a reminder to enter the market carefully and with proper guidance.

“We’re very optimistic about 2018,” Butler tells Forbes contributor, David Gollan. “Over our 20-year history of advising private flyers, we’ve found that when the stock market is on the rise, so is our business.  Market increases like we’ve seen recently tend to bring new clients into the market, especially at the level of block charter and jet card programs. Combine that with the new tax bill, which lower rates and offers attractive depreciation write-offs, and we have a great recipe for increases in the fractional ownership market as well. It remains essential, however, that both new entrants and experienced private flyers do their due diligence and call upon the most knowledgeable aviation and legal experts in making investments of this magnitude.”

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