Fly Privately

James Butler Gives Owners Perspective Many Reasons to Consider Private Air Travel

In his debut contribution to Owners Perspective magazine, private aviation attorney and consultant, James D. Butler, explains why the grass really is greener when it comes to flying privately vs. commercially.

Butler contrasts the countless horror stories he’s heard about commercial flying with the ease of private aviation. “You fly where, when and with whom you want to fly,” Butler writes. Some of the perks, according to Butler, include access to more than 5,000 airports (compared to around 50 for most commercial flights), shorter travel times and fewer security hassles. Butler offers several anecdotes that illustrate the tangible lifestyle benefits of private flying — more time with family, less work stress and greater productivity.

And while Butler acknowledges that you’ll pay more to fly on a private jet, he counsels that making the right investment from among the many private flying options can minimize this cost differential.

Owners Perspective: “Fly Privately”

Download in PDF format (16kb)

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