Business Aviation Contracts, Negotiations, & Valuations

Shaircraft CEO James Butler on Reducing Risk and Adding Value

Shaircraft CEO, James D. Butler, talks w/ Tom Wachowski of about reducing risk and adding value when it comes to private jet contracts.

While many private air travelers have enjoyed great success in business, they understandably lack the niche knowledge and experience to navigate the private aviation sphere without making very costly mistakes. Butler’s combined aviation and legal expertise enable him to look beyond the fancy brochures, boilerplate contracts, and low-ball valuations to help ensure that your business aviation ventures are low risk, high value.

Prior to signing any jet contract, Butler stresses the importance of considering the following:

  • What can be done to tailor the contract to your needs?
  • Where is there room to negotiate?
  • What possible enhancements can be added to your fractional contract?
  • How should travel patterns influence your aircraft decisions?
  • Do you need all the features and benefits for which you’re paying?

Listen to the podcast, Business Aviation Contracts, Negotiations, & Valuations w/ Private Aviation Attorney James Butler of Shaircrafthere.

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