Point A to Point ‘Whee!’

James Butler Explains the Benefits of Private Air Travel

For a special “Luxury Edition” of Inside Magazine, Shaircraft CEO, James Butler, explains why, for those who can afford it, private is the best way to fly. “Wealthy clients have a range of options,” says Butler, who analyzes clients’ budgets and travel habits to find the options that best suit their needs.

Butler describes the host of private air travel options — from on-demand charter to jet cards and fractional ownership. “For our clients, it’s all about convenience, flexibility and reliability. The world opens up when you fly privately.”

Butler emphasizes some of the more practical benefits of flying privately, such as fewer security hassles and complete control over scheduling, noting that, “Private jets fly into more than 5,500 airports in the United States alone, while commercial airlines are limited to only 500 airports.”

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