AIN Business Aviation Fleet Analysis

James Butler Says Fleet Replenishment Plans Aren't Set in Stone

Aviation International News surveyed the fleets of the world’s major fractional ownership programs and owned and operated charter providers, their replenishment plans, and the impacts of fleet refreshments on the preowned market.

While precise fleet counts for the major fractional and charter providers are readily available, AIN noted that data on fleet replenishment is not as transparent. Some providers declined to provide any information on their replenishment plans.

Even when providers do announce orders for new aircraft, those orders don’t always translate into deliveries. “We all know those are just numbers,” private aviation attorney James Butler, CEO of Shaircraft Solutions, told AIN. “Even if [fleet operators] wanted to tell you, I’m not sure that year-to-year they are committed to taking major blocks of airplanes, without knowing what’s selling and what’s the trend. They need to be flexible.”

The complete report, AIN Business Aviation Fleet Analysis 2016, can be downloaded here.

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