Industry Observers Laud Marquis Card for Super Bowl Ads

James Butler Weighs In on What Resonates with Prospective Jet Card Flyers

In a recent interview with Aviation Week, private air travel advisor, James Butler, offered his take on Marquis Jets’ newest advertising spots, which ran during this year’s Super Bowl.

Citing the current economic climate, as well as recent criticism of private air travel by media and politicians, Butler’s initial impression of the ads was that they came across as a bit “tone deaf.”

However, Butler explains, “[T]he reality remains that flying commercially is a nightmare and even as private jet travelers who have owned an aircraft or a fractional share may be looking to cut back, they still want to fly privately and so a 25-hour fractional jet card may be an attractive option.”

Butler believes that the genius of Marquis is more in its marketing than its product, acknowledging that Marquis has been extremely effective in leveraging the NetJets and Berkshire Hathaway brands, making it “the most widely-recognized private jet company.”

As for whether Marquis’ expensive advertising investments will carry it through these challenging economic times, Butler believes only time will tell, adding, “This may pay off more in the long run than in the short run.”

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