Charter Service Gives Leaders Another Route

James Butler on Sifting Through Today’s Private Air Travel Options

Shaircraft CEO, James Butler, recently spoke with Investor’s Business Daily about various private air travel options and how to decide which one will work best for you.

Butler describes the 50-400 rule of thumb: Travelers who fly 50 hours per year or less probably will get the most value from charters or jet cards. Travelers flying 400 hours per year or more, should consider buying their own plane. For those flying in the neighborhood of 50 to 400 hours per year, fractional jet ownership may be the way to go.

Butler emphasizes that your main considerations should be your budget, how many people typically travel with you, when you travel and the average length of your trips.

When asked about the increasingly popular fractional jet cards, Butler acknowledges that, although these programs are expensive, “You get the fractional experience, the benefits of the single operator, newer aircraft and pilots who basically fly those jets exclusively — without having to purchase the asset and having a long-term commitment.”

As for charter jet cards, Butler notes that some flyers appreciate having a single phone number to call when arranging a flight. He explains, however, that these jet companies deal with a variety of charter services across the country so that aircraft and operators will vary and some aircraft may be older models.

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