James Butler Interviewed by Helium Report on Negotiating Flight Concessions in the Event of Service Problems

Recently interviewed by Helium Report, Shaircraft CEO, James Butler comments on the types of remedies private air travelers should look for when a flight is delayed or other service problems arise.

Butler explains that, “It really comes down to specific provisions in your contract, but also how well you negotiate to get a concession that adds value.” While the most typical concession offered by jet providers is additional flight time, Butler stresses the importance of negotiating a concession that actually satisfies your travel needs. He suggests that in some cases ferry fee waivers and short leg waivers may be more valuable and offers these tips:

  • Promises as to aircraft reliability, etc. should be included in your contract—no matter if it is a one-time charter, or fractional ownership.
  • Get specifics as to why your flight was delayed. This may help in your negotiations.
  • Don’t necessarily accept the provider’s first offer. Consider options that best meet your flying needs and ask for them.

Butler likens dealing with providers to dealing with car salesmen, “When you do not have the same information as the car salesman, you are at a disadvantage. You do not know your options, so you tend to accept concessions as they are offered. It’s important to know what your options are.”

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