James Butler Stresses “Safety First” in The Pursuit of Private Jet Charter Deals

In an interview for The New York Times, Shaircraft CEO, James Butler, was asked about how commercial air travelers who usually fly first class can find competitively priced private jet charter deals.

“With no long term commitments or big capital outlays, charter can be a great way for a first-time private air traveler to dip his or her toe in the water,” says Butler, who first began negotiating private aviation contracts back in 1997.

And while deals can be found (if you know what to look for), Butler emphasizes, “More than price, in booking a charter or any private flight, our first and foremost concern is safety. There are at least one thousand charter operators in the United States. Although charter operators certainly can be found on the Internet, this isn’t quite like buying a set of steak knives. You’re putting your life and the lives of your family members in the hands of the operator, its aircraft and pilots. Shaircraft only recommends reputable charter operators with spotless safety records. Most reputable charter operators have top ratings from ratings services like Wyvern and ARG/US.”

The best approach is to work with an independent private aviation advisor who represents your interests and who has experience in the charter market and so can negotiate the best price with a top-notch operator.

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