Reflecting on Air Travel Post 9/11

Safety, Time and the Role of Private Aviation

The tragic events of September 11, 2001 left Americans feeling devastated and extremely vulnerable. Our notion of safety, especially when it comes to traveling, would never be the same.

Long lines, body scans, intrusive body checks, longer travel times, additional fees and carry-on restrictions have become the norm in the wake of the attacks. Anxious travelers not only track flight times, but also Homeland Security threat levels. Flight attendants dutifully instruct travelers not to form lines by the bathrooms…a small, but nevertheless painful reminder that things will never be the same.

Of course, safety is paramount. Most people understand that these inconveniences serve a greater purpose: to keep us safe. Yet, as the stress of traveling has skyrocketed, it’s no surprise that consumer complaints about commercial air travel have as well.

Yes, private aviation has its roots in luxury, but that’s really not why clients come to us. Flying privately has become a tool for businesses and individuals who can’t rely on commercial travel. Having the ability to make a meeting on the opposite coast and still make it back to see a child’s recital is priceless. As tradgedies like 9/11 remind us, time is not something that we can bank or get back.

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