Truths, Half-Truths and Falsehoods

James Butler Examines Widely Held Views on Fractional Ownership

In his latest contribution to Business Jet Traveler, Shaircraft CEO, James Butler, sheds light on the most common myths, half-truths and falsehoods of fractional ownership. “In many ways, fractional flying is more akin to using an executive airline than owning a whole aircraft,” Butler writes. “Yet, for reasons ranging from the need of providers to satisfy FAA regulations to the desire of travelers to enjoy the psychic rewards of ‘owning’ a jet, several enduring myths mask reality.”

Butler identifies the top five myths, half-truths and falsehoods:

  • “If you fly between 50 and 400 hours per year, fractional is your best bet.”—Sometimes true.
  • “You ‘own’ a share of the aircraft.”—True, but only up to a point.
  • “You don’t pay for deadheading.”—False.
  • “Your costs are predictable.”—False.
  • “Everyone signs the same simple contract.”—False.

Inside Fractionals: “Truths, Half-Truths and Falsehoods”

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