Shaircraft Negotiates Over 150 Changes to “Standard” NetJets Contracts

Fractional ownership specialists, Shaircraft Solutions, recently completed negotiations on two NetJets contracts — one for a share of a Citation Sovereign, the other for a share of a Citation X. In each case, Shaircraft was successful in negotiating over 150 changes to the standard contracts provided by NetJets that added significant enhancements for our clients.

“I am very proud of our recent NetJets contract negotiations,” said Shaircraft CEO, James Butler. “As an attorney, I cannot emphasize enough how critically important it is to question even so-called “boilerplate” contract terms — particularly with fractional contracts that include many such seemingly innocuous provisions. A well-negotiated contract will maximize the value of your investment, protect your rights, and ultimately may save you hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars.”

Shaircraft achieves similar success with all the major providers including Flexjet, Flight Options, CitationShares and Avantair.

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