On Your Side: Shaircraft Solutions’ James Butler

Private Air Travel Advisor James Butler Profiled in Business Jet Traveler

In a profile for Business Jet Traveler, aviation writer James Wynbrandt reintroduces readers to Shaircraft CEO, James Butler, and his knack for helping private jet travelers get the most for their bizav dollar.

“Based in Bethesda, Maryland, Butler has a wide smile and speaks in a calm, deliberate voice that clients likely find reassuring,” writes Wynbrandt, upon detailing how Butler’s background in transactional law gave rise to Shaircraft. The compliment is especially meaningful given that personalized service and accessibility have been key to the company’s success over the past 22 years. “I answer my own phone. I work one-on-one with every client,” says Butler who authored BJT’s “Inside Fractionals” column from 2005 to 2009.

The profile includes a Q&A section in which Butler answers questions on the benefits of having an attorney sitting on your side of the negotiating table, common mistakes made when investing in business aviation, the types of clients Shaircraft works withhow Shaircraft helps private air travelers, and the surge of shared-use and membership-based jet programs.

The bottom line? “There’s almost no part of this business that wouldn’t benefit from having a legal-eye view…The providers have been shrinking contracts to make them look like boilerplate, but they’re fairly complex legal documents,” cautions Butler. In addition to knowing the jet companies and understanding the legal and financial intricacies of private jet contracts, more importantly, Butler stresses, “We know where there’s room to negotiate…”

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