Can a Fractional Jet Card Work for You?

James Butler Profiles the Typical Fractional Jet Card Traveler

In his debut contribution to the online luxury portal, JustLuxé, Shaircraft CEO, James Butler, focuses on popular fractional jet card programs, encouraging you to look beyond the flashy marketing to make certain they’re right for you.

Butler describes the travel profile of a good candidate for a fractional jet card program:

  • You fly around 25 hours per year.
  • You fly trips with stays of more than a couple of days.
  • You schedule trips on short notice.
  • You fly to destinations within the program’s service area.
  • You fly on days that are not “blacked out”.
  • The aircraft available within your budget satisfy your passenger and luggage requirements.
  • You are uncomfortable with charter jet card programs.
  • You do not want to make a long term commitment.
  • You want to conserve your capital.

To learn more about whether a fractional jet card is right for you, download the full text version of this article below.

JustLuxé: “Can a Fractional Jet Card Work for You?”

Download in PDF format (147kb)

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