James Butler Makes Sense of a Transitioning Charter Industry for Aviation International News

Shaircraft’s Founder and CEO, James Butler, tells AIN Editor-in-Chief, Randall Padfield, “A more efficient market is developing in charter. There are more opportunities to compare prices. There is more flexibility in pricing, particularly if you find the right operator who is motivated to make the trip…” Unfortunately, with many brokers focused on price alone, quality and safety may take a back seat. Says Butler, “The service we offer is for people who want a quality operator and safe aircraft and are willing to pay a fair price for both. If one is only considering price, that’s not what we do.” Butler sees a more educated consumer emerging. “In the go-go nineties, people were signing documents for fractional shares without really understanding what they were getting into. Now people who are already in the private air travel market are coming to us, wanting to find out how they can get the most time in the air for their money. They may still have their fractional shares, but they are looking at other options, such as charter. We’re also seeing some movement to the hybrids, like jet cards.”

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