Pitch Counts

James Butler Offers Guidance on Making Jet Investments in Current Market Conditions

Despite indications that the business jet market is on the rise, Shaircraft Solutions CEO and private jet advisor, James Butler, says that many of his clients are still hesitant to purchase an aircraft outright. Butler, a founding member of the Robb Report Private Jet Advisory Board, tells the magazine, “Even though it’s clear the wealthy are getting wealthier, there’s still somewhat of a hangover from 2008 in terms of caution.”

For elite travelers who are reluctant to buy, charter can be a good option. However, Butler’s experience is that customers considering charter too often use the bottom-line cost as the deciding factor when honing in on an aircraft. He explains that doing so often produces unsatisfactory results.

Beyond price, there are many differences between the aircraft in a given category. Butler educates his clients on the various features and amenities of each model and the overall experience that each provides. “Whether it’s cabin height or seating arrangements or range or luggage capability, those things are really important,” he says. “When you’re spending that much money, you want to have a big smile on your face when you call to book that flight, and when the plane shows up you want to be really excited to get on, and you want to be really excited about the whole experience.”

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