A Fractional Life

Fractional Ownership Expert, James Butler, Offers Advice to Potential Investors

Valley, LA’s premier luxury magazine, recently asked Shaircraft CEO, James Butler, for his advice on investing in the fractional jet market. Having “gotten many fractional owners out of hot water and saved potential investors from getting in over their heads,” Butler encourages potential fractional investors to get expert help before taking the plunge. “Buyers need a specialist to make sure they get the deal that’s right for them,” he says. “Especially first-time buyers.”

As he does for all of his clients, Butler advises readers to do an assessment of their needs, which includes where and when you fly, how often, how much luggage you carry and so on. While there are exceptions to the rule, Butler notes that, typically, fractional is best for people who fly between 50 and 200 hours per year.

Highlighting the benefits of private air travel, Butler explains, “Private jets are like time machines…They make time, you get there with no delays in airports waiting for connections, going through security, packing plastic bottles, etc. It often shaves a day or two of travel.”

Valley Magazine: “A Fractional Life”

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