Shaircraft’s Inside Private Air Travel Blog Offers Guidance to Fractional Jet Owners

Shaircraft’s blog, Inside Private Air Travel, was recently spotlighted by Aviation Week as a go-to source for fractional jet owners.

Citing a specific post on the challenges fractional owners face in securing fair value for their shares when they go to sell, Shaircraft CEO and private aviation attorney, James Butler, is quoted as advising, “With fractional flying down, and some fractional companies apparently in distress, many fractional owners want out. Desperate for cash, providers are making it as difficult as possible for owners to exit their contracts, often delaying repurchases or offering valuations so low, it almost doesn’t make sense to sell.”

Shaircraft has long represented fractional jet owners and has had great success in challenging fractional jet companies’ low share repurchase offers and getting owners significantly more for their shares.

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