Expanding Horizons

Benny LaRussa • Sterling Capital Management

It’s not uncommon for private air travelers to outgrow their jet contracts. When the scope of travel changes significantly, quite often this impacts the type of aircraft required to do the job. Benny LaRussa is the founder and chief executive officer of a multi-asset holding company headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama. A seasoned fractional owner, Benny had primarily been flying short-range trips on a Pilatus PC-12 turboprop. Over time, however, his travel needs changed such that he needed the capability of taking longer-range trips. A Shaircraft client referred Benny to us. We researched and vetted a wide array of alternatives that would accommodate his new travel needs and budget. Ultimately, we secured a jet card solution for him through NetJets and negotiated enhancements that the NetJets salesperson noted he had never seen included in such a deal.

"Working with James and the team at Shaircraft was a very positive experience.  James thoroughly vetted our past and future corporate aircraft needs across all of our platform companies. His questions challenged our thinking in an effort to refine our true corporate aircraft needs. Once this process was completed he consulted with numerous carriers to find the optimum solution for our corporate air travel.  In the end, he negotiated what we feel was a fair arrangement that met our overall corporate travel needs.  I would highly recommend Shaircraft when evaluating and negotiating private aircraft arrangements.  His experience as a business owner, lawyer and private aviation expert made our process of evaluating our needs and service provider seamless."