Shaircraft Solutions left no stone unturned…

Scott Hoch

A Contract Fit To A Tee

Pro golfer Scott Hoch flies all over the country. We helped him purchase his first fractional share back in 1997. When it came time to renew his deal, Scott thought he needed shares in two different aircraft. We showed him how a single share in a better aircraft could work and, in the process, saved him over $1 million. Then we negotiated several changes to the provider’s standard program, including a shorter notice period for flights on Fridays, so that if Scott misses a cut, he can get home to his family the same day.

“Shaircraft Solutions left no stone unturned in getting me the best deal. They understood my needs and negotiated a deal that not only saved me plenty but also is tailored to my lifestyle, so that I can get the most out of my investment. Their personal service is extraordinary. Their unique blend of aviation and legal expertise is unmatched. And the results speak for themselves.”