I had confidence in [James Butler’s] ability to help me navigate a complex and evolving process.


Hitting In The Clutch

When the game’s on the line, you want an experienced batter at the plate who can handle any pitch that comes his way. The same is true in the private aviation business. That’s why an owner of a MLB baseball club and chairman of a highly regarded international investment management firm, who Shaircraft has advised on past fractional investments, turned to Shaircraft again for help on a sensitive private jet matter. He’s joint owner of an ultra-long range jet with two others. When one of the owners passed away, we had to determine whether it would be best to sell the plane and go fractional or keep the plane and renegotiate with the remaining co-owner. Bringing our unique aviation, legal and financial expertise to bear, we determined that our client would be better off keeping the plane. Working closely with him and his family office, we worked out a deal with the remaining co-owner to buy out the deceased owner and reallocate flight time, costs, etc. going forward.

“I was very pleased with the responsiveness and professionalism demonstrated by Shaircraft and its CEO, James Butler. He was always available and I had confidence in his ability to help me navigate a complex and evolving process.”