[W]ithin seconds, I was speaking with the CEO of the company…

Karen Owen and Dr. Joseph Berger

Hunting For The Best Deal

Karen Owen and Joseph Berger live in a small town in Georgia and fly to out of the way places in the United States, Canada and Central America. With a passion for hunting and fishing, they travel with hounds and hunting rifles which, obviously, doesn’t lend itself to commercial air travel. After a particularly exasperating delay on a commercial flight, Karen decided that she’d had it and asked for Joseph’s help in finding a private air travel solution. Joseph, a surgeon, didn’t have a clue where to begin. A friend recommended that he call Shaircraft. We analyzed their needs and identified fractional as the best way to go. Then, we issued detailed RFPs to several fractional jet companies. When the responses came in, we reviewed them in depth and identified two providers that fit the bill. However, Karen and Joseph weren’t familiar with some of the proposed aircraft, so we had the aircraft flown to their home town so they could check them out. Karen and Joseph ultimately chose the fractional company that made them the best offer. We thoroughly reviewed and negotiated the contracts and, working with their financial advisors, closed the deal.

“I grew up in the Bronx so, needless to say, I didn’t spend a lot of time on private planes. When Karen enlisted my help in finding a private air travel solution, I knew I was in desperate need of help. I called Shaircraft and, much to my surprise, within seconds, I was speaking with the CEO of the company, James Butler, who spent 30 minutes on the phone with me discussing our needs and possible options. That kind of personal service is rare these days. I knew immediately that we were in good hands. We are pleased to have found James Butler and Shaircraft Solutions.”