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I would not hesitate to recommend James and Shaircraft Solutions…

Guy Childs

No Deal Is Too Small

Guy Childs, CFO of The Spectranetics Corporation, was referred to Shaircraft by an existing client, and called us to discuss options for his company’s first foray into private aviation. Quite often, individuals and businesses that are new to private air travel understandably are reluctant to dive head-first into large, long term investments like fractional ownership. Starting out with options that require a smaller commitment, such as a jet card, can be a great way to test the waters. That said, whether we are talking a 300 hour per year fractional investment or a 25 hour jet card, there always is an opportunity to add value by investigating all the appropriate options, having qualified providers bid on the investment, and negotiating both the business terms of the investment and the legal aspects of the contracts. After our assessment, Guy decided on a 25 hour jet card with Netjets. In the end, our negotiations added great value, even to this relatively small investment, including additional complimentary flight time and a host of beneficial changes to the contract documents. Further proof that no deal is too small.

“I was referred to James Butler of Shaircraft Solutions by an existing client. This was our first experience with private aircraft. James was very knowledgeable and steered us through the process by first assessing our business needs for the aircraft and assisting us in selecting the right program. He was very efficient and effective in negotiating the contract on our behalf. I would not hesitate to recommend James and Shaircraft Solutions to other potential clients.”