When I…signed, I knew we’d made the best possible deal.

Alan Meltzer

No Haste, No Waste

Alan Meltzer and his partners were looking to sign a fractional deal with Avantair. Certain incentives offered by Avantair were set to expire, but Alan and his partners didn’t want to commit to such a large investment without having an expert review the contracts. We moved quickly and over the course of a few days reviewed the documents and negotiated substantial changes that added value for Alan and his partners, and also gave them the peace of mind that they were well protected.

“As a business owner, I know the importance of due diligence. Rather than hastily signing a contract that the salesman assured us was ‘the same one everyone signs,’ I hired Shaircraft. Within two days, Mr. Butler delivered extensive comments and recommendations and negotiated significant changes that added real value. When I finally signed, I knew we’d made the best possible deal. I couldn’t be more pleased with Shaircraft’s performance.”