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Shaircraft provides an excellent legal team [and] unparalleled knowledge…


Protecting Your Privacy

Many Shaircraft clients want to keep their private air travel, well, private. This is often the case with celebrities, professional athletes, high profile CEOs and even high net worth individuals who simply value their privacy. Such was the case with one Shaircraft client who came to us prior to signing on with NetJets. Shaircraft reviewed the so-called “standard” NetJets contract and was successful in negotiating over 150 changes that added significant benefits to his deal. Throughout the process, Shaircraft honored his request for anonymity and the deal went off without a hitch.

“Shaircraft Solutions not only provides an excellent legal team, but they also bring unparalleled knowledge of the fractional industry’s ever changing dynamics. That unique combination of skills is critical to getting the best results.”