Formula one racing type cars speeding around a bend in the track. All elements are designed and modelled by myself. Very high resolution 3D render.

Working with Shaircraft definitely put me at an advantage.


Putting You in the Drivers’ Seat

In the world of professional race car driving, speed equals success. That’s not the case when it comes to making sound private jet deals, which require careful consideration and strategic negotiation. When a championship winning driver and busy corporate executive came to us midway through negotiations with a fractional provider, we counseled him to take a step back and evaluate all his options.  We looked at other programs and lease v. purchase options  – ensuring that he got the best deal, not the one the provider wanted to rush him into.

“Working with Shaircraft definitely put me at an advantage. I worked directly with the CEO, James Butler, who knew the providers very well. He was able to negotiate benefits that I would not have thought of on my own. I’m very glad that I reached out to him before signing.”