I am more than pleased with the results of your efforts…

Jim Kilts

The Best Deal A Man Can Get

Having run a Fortune 50 company, former Gillette Company CEO, Jim Kilts, knows that when a deal doesn’t sound quite right, it’s important to have an expert on your side who can fix it. So, when Flight Options made him a buy back offer for his share of a Hawker 800XP that didn’t seem fair, he called Shaircraft. We reviewed the methodology Flight Options used to justify its low ball offer and found it wanting. So we brought in our appraiser who specializes in fractional share valuations and, through the appraisal process provided in his contract, were able to get Jim a significantly higher value. When Flight Options failed to close on time, we also secured interest on the purchase price.

“Just a note to let you know how appreciative I am of all of the hard work you put forth to bring about the successful sale of my 6.25% interest in the Hawker XP aircraft. I am more than pleased with the results of your efforts and with the professionalism you displayed in the handling of this matter on my behalf…Should I require similar services in the future, I would certainly take advantage of your kind offer and seek your advice.”