We are private aviation attorneys,
advocating on your behalf.

We know the providers, the programs, and where there’s room to negotiate.

Jet Program

We look beyond the fancy brochures and get to know you before crafting a custom plan.

Contract Review and

Jet companies may say that, “Everyone signs the same contract.” We know better.

Fractional Share

Are you getting fair value from your fractional provider? We’ll make sure you do.

Ready to sign a jet contract, but wonder if you’re getting the best deal?

We’ve negotiated over 150 changes to so-called “standard” contracts, adding significant enhancements for our clients – additional flight time, greater flexibility, bonus amenities & more.

Is your fractional provider offering you a fair price to buy back your share?

We challenge low-ball valuations to get our clients the maximum return on their investment. One of our appraisals came in $1.7 million higher than the jet company’s initial offer. 

Time to renew your jet contract, but wonder if you can do better?

We’ve saved clients millions by exploring alternative solutions or negotiating a more beneficial arrangement with their existing provider.