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Private Jet Programs: Looking Beyond the Clever Marketing

Forbes Asks James Butler for His Thoughts on New Fractional Operator Volato

The Future of Private Air Travel in The Post Covid World

Private Jet Industry 'Disrupter' James Butler Talks to Thrive Global

Major Jet Provider’s Contract Let’s It Change the Terms of Your Deal (and There’s Nothing You Can Do About It)

James Butler Urges Private Flyers to Have Their Contracts Reviewed by An Attorney

What You Need to Know About Preowned Fractional Shares

James Butler Advises Owners to Pay Attention to the Fine Print

Private Jets: Making The Impossible Possible

James Butler Walks Family Worth Report Through the Evolution of Private Aviation

Considering Private Jet Travel: What You Need to Know Before Signing

James Butler Cautions JetSet Readers to Look Beyond the Fancy Brochure

Considering Private Air Travel?

James Butler Explains Why You Must Have an Attorney on Your Side

Year-End Private Jet Deals - Only Fools Rush In

Is private aviation on your holiday wish list? Here's what you need to know before rushing into a year-end deal.

Learning from the JetSmarter Saga

James Butler Discusses Legal Recourse After a Provider Fails to Deliver

Shaircraft Solutions CEO James Butler on the Highs and Lows of Private Aviation

“The market has proven resilient and is thriving.”

On Your Side: Shaircraft Solutions' James Butler

Private Air Travel Advisor James Butler Profiled in Business Jet Traveler

Giving Tuesday: Give the Gift of Flight Time

Shaircraft Helps Private Air Travelers Make a Difference

Year-End Private Jet Deals, Only Fools Rush In

Is private aviation on your holiday wish list? Here's what you need to know before rushing into a year-end deal.

Wijet Is Closing Its U.K. Operations, Changing Its Business Model

James Butler Pinpoints the Factors Behind the Financial and Operational Woes Plaguing Many Jet Providers Today

Surf Air's Troubles Raise The Question, Who's Flying Your Airplane?

Citing Failed Business Models, Poor Management, and Undercapitalization, James Butler Reinforces the Importance of Due Diligence

Robb Report 2018 "Best of the Best" Issue: 10 Business Jets That Reshaped Private Aviation

Shaircraft CEO, James Butler, Helps Identify the 10 Most Significant Business Jets to Enter Service Over the Past 30 Years

2018 CEO BizAv Outlook

Forecasting Growth, Butler Stresses Due Diligence When Considering a Private Aviation Investment in 2018

Deciding Between Fractional Ownership or Leasing?

James Butler Advises Buyers on the Financial Considerations of Both

Thinking of Buying a Jet Card?

Escrowing Funds Can Significantly Lower Your Financial Risk

Budgeting for BizAv

Working with an Advisor is Key to Determining Which Jet Programs You Can Afford

Reflecting on Air Travel Post 9/11

Safety, Time and the Role of Private Aviation

Private Jet Lavs - What You Need to Know When You've Got to Go

James Butler Breaks Down the Varying Degrees of Comfort and Privacy of Private Jet Facilities

Not NetJets: Directional Aviation Capital Is A Major Player In Private Aviation You May Not Know

Shaircraft CEO Cautiously Optimistic on the Future of Flexjet Under the Management of Directional Aviation

Business Aviation Contracts, Negotiations, & Valuations

Shaircraft CEO James Butler on Reducing Risk and Adding Value

Why You Need to Look Beyond Price When Buying a Private Jet Charter Card

James Butler Lends His Expertise to

Shaircraft CEO, James Butler, Profiled by The Washington Post

Discusses Life, Career & The Inspiration Behind Shaircraft

Empty Leg Jet Charters: A Leg Up or Too Good to be True?

James Butler Stresses the Importance of Vetting Empty Leg Brokers and Operators

Preowned Sales Enter Chartered Territory

James Butler Reminds Potential Buyers of the Risks

AIN Business Aviation Fleet Analysis

James Butler Says Fleet Replenishment Plans Aren't Set in Stone

Make Way for the Uber Jet Business Model

James Butler Stresses Safety, Experience and Transparency as “Paramount” Over Convenience

Pitch Counts

James Butler Offers Guidance on Making Jet Investments in Current Market Conditions

The 10 Questions You Must Ask Before Purchasing a Private Jet

Robb Report Advisor, James Butler, Pushes Travelers to Think Beyond the ‘Rule of Thumb’

Wings and Water

James Butler Brings Private Aviation and Legal Expertise to Robb Report’s 27th Annual “Best of the Best” Special Issue

Stack the Deck in Your Favor

Shaircraft CEO, James Butler, Helps Private Air Travelers Make the Right Jet Card Selection

How to Book a Private Jet for (Relatively) Cheap

James Butler Helps Private Air Travelers Find the ‘Goldilocks Fit’

What’s Next for the Fractional Field?

James Butler Contemplates the Future of Fractional and Its Major Players

Fractional Fracas

More Lessons from the Avantair Collapse

Two Sides to the Story

James Butler on The Benefits of Leasing Fractional Shares vs. Purchasing Jet Cards

BizAv: The Next Ten Years

Private Jet Consultant, James Butler, Is Optimistic About the Future of Private Aviation

Yet Another Reason to Fly Privately

Chronically Late Commercial Flights

Sky-High Luxury

James Butler on the Range of Private Air Travel Options and How Shaircraft Works to Find the One That’s Right for You

Flying Privately: Once a Luxury, Now a Necessity

Private Aviation Consultant, James Butler, Shares Client Accounts of Private Aviation “Rescues”

When Fractional Isn’t the Way to Fly

James Butler Recommends a Thorough Analysis Before Investing

Primer on Fractional Contract Documents

James Butler Cautions, “Don’t Be Fooled!”

The Jet Set

James Butler Offers The Wall Street Journal His Take on the Viability of New Jet Business Models

Fairer Shares

James Butler Explains Why Shifts in the Fractional Industry Make a Well-Negotiated Contract Even More Critical

What Investment Is Right for You?

Aviation Attorney, James Butler, Helps Owners Perspective Navigate the Many Private Air Travel Options

Fly Privately

James Butler Gives Owners Perspective Many Reasons to Consider Private Air Travel

Bail Out — or Buy a Share?

James Butler on Why the Time Could Be Right to Do Either

Flying Privately Without Buying a Jet

Private Aviation Consultant, James Butler, Helps You Select the Jet Program That’s Right for You

Deals of a Lifetime

James Butler Encourages Jet Travelers to Negotiate for Better Deals

Charter Service Gives Leaders Another Route

James Butler on Sifting Through Today’s Private Air Travel Options

Should Fractional Jet Owners Sell Their Shares?

James Butler Delivers the Painful Truth on Declining Share Values

Are These Businesses Still a Good Idea?

James Butler Discusses Where the Private Air Travel Industry Has Been and Where It’s Going

Industry Observers Laud Marquis Card for Super Bowl Ads

James Butler Weighs In on What Resonates with Prospective Jet Card Flyers

Protecting Yourself Against Liability

James Butler Helps Fractional Owners Curb the Risk of Their Shared Investment

Beating the Holiday Rush

James Butler Tells You How to Ensure Hassle-Free Holiday Jet Travel

Give a Life-Saving Gift: Flight Time

Shaircraft’s ShairGiveProgram Endorsed by Business Jet Traveler

Keep An Eye on The Clock

James Butler Tells Fractional Owners How to Get the Most Flight Time for Their Dollar

The Fundamentals of Fractional Ownership

James Butler Demystifies This Private Air Travel ‘Staple’

Looking Back…and Ahead

James Butler Comments on the Past and the Future of Fractional Jet Ownership

Yet Another Reason to Fly Privately

James Butler Tells Commercial Travelers Why the Grass Really is Greener on the Other Side

Can a Fractional Jet Card Work for You?

James Butler Profiles the Typical Fractional Jet Card Traveler

Survival Tips — What to Do if You’re Stranded

James Butler Helps Private Air Travelers Handle the Unexpected

When One Jet Isn’t Enough

James Butler Offers Advice on Determining the Best Fractional Investment

Four Must-Read Documents

James Butler Explains What Every Fractional Owner Should Know

Point A to Point ‘Whee!’

James Butler Explains the Benefits of Private Air Travel

How to Find the Right Charter

Shaircraft CEO, James Butler, Helps You Make the Best Choice

The Jet Set

James Butler Gives Wells Fargo’s Elite Clientele Reasons to Consider Private Air Travel

Fractional Jet Primer: Navigating the Contracts

James Butler Offers Halogen Guides’ Readers Food for Thought When Negotiating Fractional Contracts

Fly Me to the Moon

James Butler Tells Why Private Air Travel’s Popularity Continues to Soar

Ferry Fees Could Be On the Way Out

James Butler Shares Promising News for Fractional Flyers

How Celebrities Fly

James Butler Explains the Lure of Private Air Travel to Halogen Guides Jets

Contract Provisions You Shouldn’t Ignore

James Butler Cautions Fractional Investors to be Wary of “Boilerplate” Contract Terms

A Fractional Life

Fractional Ownership Expert, James Butler, Offers Advice to Potential Investors

The Ideal Fractional Program

James Butler Reveals His “Wish List” of Changes for the Fractional Industry

Year-End Private Jet Deals, Only Fools Rush In

James Butler Warns Helium Report Readers Against Rushing Into Year-End Deals

Beware of Buyback Provisions

James Butler Explains the Traps Facing Owners When Reselling Shares to Their Provider

Truths, Half-Truths and Falsehoods

James Butler Examines Widely Held Views on Fractional Ownership

Private Jets Push Limit on Luxury Thanks to FAA

James Butler Comments on the Amenities that Matter Most to Shaircraft Clients

Jetset Growing at Mach 1 Pace

James Butler Interviewed on Trends in Corporate Use of Private Jets

Making an Early Exit

James Butler Describes Alternatives to Selling Back to the Provider

Do Fresh Options Really Add Value?

James Butler Analyzes the Latest Programs from Flexjet and Flight Options

Saving Lives, One Flight Hour at a Time

James Butler Offers Opportunities for Fractional Owners to Help Others in Need

Who Shouldn’t Buy Fractionals

James Butler Explains Why Fractional Ownership Isn’t for Everyone

Is Your Fractional Provider Going Under?

James Butler Prepares Owners for Their ‘Worst Nightmare’

In the Know

James Butler Helps Professional Athletes Make Sense of Private Air Travel Options

Frax Market Blues

James Butler Sounds Off on the 'Continuous Tug of War' between Fractional Owners and Jet-Card Members over Aircraft Use

Evolution in Action

James Butler Interviewed by Aviation International News for a Special Feature on Fractional Ownership

Service Problems? You Need a Paper Trail

James Butler Helps Owners Protect Their Rights.

Beyond First Class

James Butler Interviewed by Yahoo! News and the LA Times

Buying Your Share from Another Owner

What to Look Out For and Why this Approach Might Save you Money

Where is the Fractional Industry Headed?

James Butler Examines the Industry's Uncertain Future

Jet Cards May Be Overstacking the Deck

James Butler Addresses Growing Concern Over the Impact of Jet Cards on Fractional Owners

Should You Sign on with a Small Provider?

James Butler Explains the Hard Questions You Should Ask Before Buying a Share

Picking the Best Payback

James Butler Highlights Alternatives to Extra Flight Time Concessions When Service Doesn't Measure Up

Are We Getting Hosed by Fuel Surcharges?

James Butler Exposes One of the Fractional Industry's Best Kept Secrets

Chartering a Plane for Vacation?

Shaircraft CEO James Butler tells Fortune Small Business, ”Yes!”

Regional Fractional Programs: Viable Alternatives?

James Butler Offers Business & Commercial Aviation His Expert Opinion

Regaining Control of Your Travel Time

James Butler Interviewed in Town & Country

Getting More Bang for Your Air Travel Bucks

James Butler Offers Tips in Boston Globe Article

Designing the Right Package for You

Shaircraft CEO Explains How on Fox News

Peace of Mind in the Air

James Butler Emphasizes Safety Advantages in CNN Interview